Thank you for your inquiry to Microsoft.  We appreciate your interest in our giving programs.  Microsoft makes monetary and in kind contributions to eligible nonprofit organization around the world to help people and communities realize their potential.  Microsoft giving focuses on improving lifelong learning for disadvantaged youth and adults by providing technology-related skills through community-based technology and learning centers to:
  • Expand Opportunities through Technology Access
  • Develop a Diverse Technology Workforce
  • Strengthen Nonprofits through Technology
  • Build Community 

Our programfs objective is to assist our subsidiaries in contributing to communities in which employees live and work.  We believe our subsidiaries are best positioned to understand how grants can most effectively and efficiently help strengthen local communities.  All proposals are received and grants awarded through our subsidiaries; unsolicited proposals for outside the United States are not accepted or reviewed.  For a listing of our subsidiary offices and contact information, please see 

Our guidelines preclude us from donating directly to individuals, sports teams, religious, political or fraternal organizations, hospitals, or medical clinics.   

Thank you for considering Microsoft as a potential contributor.  We wish you continued success in your endeavors.


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Subject: Microsoft's assistnce to our NPO activity

                                                                                                                                                       May 15,2003

Bill Gates, CEO
Microsoft Corp. JAPAN Dear Mr. Gates
5-11-15  Kugenuma-kaigan
Fujisawa, JAPAN
Dear Mr. Gates

We are writing to you for the first time. This is an NPO(Non-Profit Organization) agency in Japan which is planning, as one of its activities, to help the computer education in developing countries by donating used PCfs to local elementary schools.

By courtesy of Japanese companies and personal users, we retrieve used PCfs from them. After repairing them in our facility, we donate the restored PCfs to those schools.

Our first trial is to Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ( the attached list) However, we encounter the problem of the stored OS and applications in those PCfs that are linguistically Japanese oriented and therefore no use in those countries.

To our regret, Japanese PC manufacturers cannot provide us with English version of those softwares.  We have no other means to solve this problem than directly writing to you, Microsoft Corp., and solicit your understanding and kind co-operation to donate us such softwares. 

Should it be possible, we like to donate those recycled PCfs with Windows series as requested from our beneficiaries. In fact, the retrieved computers mostly have Windows 98, MX and others as in the list below. Therefore, we need the English version of them and that of Word, Excel.

Following are the softwares we need. 

1.      Windows 98SE
2.      Windows ME
3.      Windows 2000
4.      Windows XP
5.      Office XP
6.      Visual Studio 

We appreciate in advance your kind assistance to CONET SHONANfs volunteering efforts.@We look forward to your favorable reply at your earliest convenience.                  

Mihito Kato, Chairman of the board of directors
Non-Profit Organization, CONET SHONAN, (Japan)
Attached are the information to support our activity:

1 Our solicitation letter for used PC's
2 the shcools requesting our assistance
3 Resistration status of our local agency in Pakistan
4  Others                                                                                                                                                                                   

Tel : 0466-30-0361